The Worst False Promise

Love is scary. It’s a time of vulnerability. We throw ourselves out there, hoping to be felt, but many times, we are left feeling rejected or inadequate. This is why self-love is so important! However, the topic of today involves the promises we make to others when we begin to fall in love. It is […]


My Response to Daily Prompt: Loophole Illusions and mirages hide inside my closet Locked windows and doors keep me sane Blindly re-walking the same path from yesterday Baffled, in search of you Same territory, different tactic The result – a maniac chasing after Outlines of hope and trails of smoke The remembrance of your scent […]


My Response to Daily Prompt: Study Monday mornings Bitter, black coffee and pastry delicacies Crumbs and stains decorate the stack of papers before me I devour gravitational equations, biochemical structures, and physical reactions My mind is boggled but I continue to read Reminding myself that this is the path I must walk in order to […]


An icebox has developed inside my chest A safe-haven for the pain ready to burst through my ribs And explode my intestines Agony will contaminate me whole Safety protocols have no control over inborn illness Boiling with suspicion Trembling with terror The world is but a nasty place for the sick’s deceptive nature Manipulations all […]

Lone Wolf

Shards of glass scattered across miles of emptiness Cracked mirrors, bent knives, and thorns mark the grounds that I travel Sharp excruciating cuts bleed profusely Releasing inner demons, battles of sinful encounters. Clouds of gloom envelop my room and insulate me from uncertainty Infinite, immeasurable, endless towers all stacked against the beat of my heart […]