Why You Should Give


If you have not yet read Compensate by Emerson, I highly recommend it. It will change your perspective on life. We were all taught the Golden Rule as youth; however, the harsh realities of life have often resulted in us forgetting this simple law of life. It really comes down to this – whatever we give off, we receive back, in one form or another.

A few examples:

Let’s say you love someone deeply, truly, and genuinely. You are honest, patient, and selfless. Regardless of your partner’s attitude, you are their companion and you stand by them. However, the relationship does not end up working out for the long run. One day – you will attract someone who will love you even more wholly than you loved before. This is because we are all walking magnets, only attracting that which we give off.

Let’s say you are working a typical job. It’s not your dream career, nor is it somewhere you are necessarily proud of working. However, each day, you go beyond your duties. You always put more effort than that which is required of you. One day – someone will recognize your hard work and will give you an opportunity that is so much bigger than your current position. All because you put your best foot forward and put your all into what you were doing.

I am a strong believer in always giving others the benefit of the doubt. I try not to judge. I attempt to see the light in everyone, even those who have burned me. Regardless of anger in my heart, I wish them well. I love others how I wish to be loved. I forgive others how I wish to be forgiven. I offer a lending hand and a shoulder, in the same way I desire that comfort from time to time.

Who do you dream of being surrounded by? What do you wish to represent? Which reputation do you hope to hold? Begin embodying the traits that you regard very highly in others. Soon you will see that life will bless you ten-fold by putting yourself in the path of those who are similar to you.

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6 thoughts on “Why You Should Give

  1. This is so beautiful and wise. I feel it’s the easiest understanding of Karma: There is just one reality and that is YOU. Whatever you give you give to yourself. You have explained its practical application in our lives so well. Emerson and Jesus speak through you today. Love and light ❤

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