My Response to Daily Prompt: Blink

Glimpses of broken kisses

A cold LAX airport terminal

Marked our goodbye

“See you later”

But that time never came

Just months and months of me waiting

Waiting for someone who had gone astray

And it would happen again

Same airport, different farewell

They always fly away

And tell me “I deserve better”

Funny thing is – I thought they were the best,

But they were bitter

And they’ve left me here blinking

Reliving moments of us on repeat

Photo Credits

© 2018 Rulla Alani All Rights Reserved


16 thoughts on “Blink

      1. Thank you! I looked up and English word Rulla means labored whereas Alani means a dear child of God. But I guess Alani would be your surname? It’s from Arabic then it must have the original meaning as you mention. Though you’re not as curious I would tell you meaning of my name(shall I?) Anand means bliss and comes from Sanskrit. My full school name also had Prakash as middle word which means light and my surname is Shukla which means bright(usually used for the bright half of lunar months) This was my school name. There were other names about which we shall discuss some other day 🙂

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      2. I’m flattered that you took the time to search my name. I’ve never heard that meaning of my mom’s surname, Alani. That really is beautiful. So I guess my name means that I am the commander or ruler, a dear child of God. How humbling! Thank you for sharing the meaning of your name – a blissful and bright light 🙂 this truly represents you, as your comments always bring light and happiness to my day. I would like to hear about your other names soon! 😊

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      3. Hahaha, I am really honored as you didn’t mind me being busybody. Thanks for your kind words. You’re indeed a dear child of God and a commander marching towards light! 🙂 🙂

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