Almost Home

My Response to Daily Prompt: Almost

The journey is long

Muddy grass paved with my foot’s imprint

Moist condensation droplets

Formed upon the sun’s disappearance

Twinkling stars light the way for me

I pull my feet – one by one

Nearly dragging them underneath

Pondering when I’ll reach gravel

A sign of humanity’s survival

The trail twists and turns

It appears endless

Choices for right or for left

Worried to reach a dead-end

My lion answers for me

No destination in mind but my heart pushes me ahead

It knows the direction

The latitude of my destined fate

It travels without question

Without even a stake

My mom’s voice whispers in my ear

“Like a donkey” she reminds me

“Keep moving – keep persevering”

But I feel lost

I feel flightless

The sun starts to rise

Birds singing

Trees dancing

My feet exhausted

Efforts dwindling

As I realize home is within reach

Photo Credits

© 2017 Rulla Alani All Rights Reserved


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